Gas Services

£40 per hour

Keeping You Safe and Warm At the Edinburgh Letting Centre, we prioritise your safety and comfort. That’s why we offer comprehensive gas safety services across Edinburgh, Lothian, and Fife. Our team of experienced and professional gas safety engineers is dedicated to ensuring the proper installation, repair, and maintenance of your gas appliances.

From boiler installations and replacements to repairs and safety checks, we’ve got you covered. Our meticulous inspections ensure that your gas appliances are in optimal condition, and we check for any potential gas leaks to guarantee your safety. With years of experience serving both domestic and commercial sectors, our gas safety services are available at an hourly rate of £40. Stay safe and warm with the Edinburgh Letting Centre!


Edinburgh letting centre offers gas safety services across Edinburgh, Lothian and Fife. We offer a range of Gas safety services, including boiler installation, central heating replacement, boiler repair and services. We also undertake all landlord safety checks and certificates and offer a full range of gas safety services to all your gas appliances.
We have got a team of experienced and professional gas safety engineers to offer effective solutions for gas boiler installation and repair services. We do a detailed inspection of all your gas appliances to make sure they are in good condition and also check the accessible pipework to make sure there are no gas leaks. Our years of experience make us stand out in the industry for offering a quality range of services to both domestic and commercial sectors. We offer Gas safety services on hourly basis only for £40.

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