HMO Floor Plan

A Blueprint for Better Licensing For just £125, our HMO Licensing Floor Plan Service is a critical aspect of the licensing process for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO). It provides a detailed layout of your property, including room dimensions, location of smoke and heat detectors, doors, fire doors, windows, and escape windows. This service is essential for landlords and estate agents seeking an HMO licence, ensuring your property is appropriately equipped and meets all required standards.

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A property layout plan is an integral part of the Licensing of HMOs. It must give a general indication of the property layout and should detail room dimensions. The floor plans will also need to identify the location of any smoke and heat detectors as well all doors, fire doors, windows and escape windows.If you are applying for HMO licensing whether you are estate agent or private landlord, you may require HMO Licensing Floor Plan by your local authority. The HMO Floor Plan sets out the legal framework and gives guidance for house layout, amenities, heating, washing facility, toilet facility and fire safety equipment.
When a landlord is considering applying for an HMO license application, the authority must be satisfied by viewing the Floor plan of property is rationally appropriate for tenants by the number of people proposing to live.

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