Scottish letting agents re-open for business on 29 June 2020

Physical viewings, house moves and non-essential repairs can resume in Edinburgh

The Scottish Government has now released its Phase Two Corona Virus Exit Plan, with house moves restrictions relaxed from Monday 29 June 2020. However, it will not be ‘business as usual’, rather, there will be a ‘new normal’ for Edinburgh residential letting agents and property management companies. What does it mean for Edinburgh Letting Centre?


Our office will re-open on 29 June 2020, but we will have to follow a risk-based approach (as per the Scottish Government guidelines), with 2 metre physical distancing between workers, and between workers and visitors. Our workstations will be rearranged; we will no longer work face-to-face. We kindly ask all visitors to call or email us before visiting us in the office, so that an appointment can be scheduled. We will need to make sure we can maintain the 2 metres physical distance rule. We will be open 9 am to 5 pm.


We can resume face-to-face viewings, but all properties need to be viewed virtually first (link to virtual viewings). We kindly ask all viewers to only physically visit properties which they are seriously interested in. We are allowed to conduct viewings only for pre-approved viewers; this means that potential tenants should first see the property virtual tour, then they need to send us a note of interest and apply for the property (on condition of a physical viewing).  We will organize face-to-face viewings once we make sure that, in principle, the applicant meets our referencing criteria. After the face-to-face viewing, if the applicant would like to proceed, we will start referencing and take the property off the market.
Our staff member will wear a face mask and viewers should use a face covering, as well. We will wipe door handles of the doors that cannot be left open (for example with door closers). We reserve the right to cancel a face-to-face viewing if government guidelines on physical distancing and the use of face coverings are not adhered to. Please inform us if you show symptoms of Covid-19, as we will need to cancel the viewing. All viewing parties should wash their hands (using alcohol-based hand sanitiser) before viewings. Open or block residential viewings are no longer possible; all viewers will be given their own timeslot. As back-to-back viewings have been discouraged, we need to leave a gap between potential tenants. Our agent will switch on all lights and open all doors – so please do not touch any surfaces while inside the property. If you would like to open a window, please ask our agent to do so. We must adhere to the current governmental guidelines.

What may affect Edinburgh HMO viewings

Members of more than three households are not allowed to meet now. Thus, we cannot accommodate more than two future flatmates during one viewing time-slot (the third person is Edinburgh Letting Centre viewing agent). Rather, we encourage one or two flat-sharers to view the property on behalf of the group – or split the whole group between two time-slots. 


Non-emergency repairs can resume, by obviously following the latest guidance on physical distancing and hygiene. We will not send a tradesperson if our tenant shows any Corona Virus symptoms or have been told to self-isolate. We will ask our tradesmen to wash their hands and/or wear gloves, use a face covering and disinfect their tools between properties. Please do not offer refreshments, tea or coffee – our tradesmen have been asked not to accept them. 

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