What is PAT Testing?

What is PAT Testing?

Portable Appliances Testing (PAT Testing) is a process of inspecting all electrical portable appliances on your property. It includes visual inspection and electrical testing of portable appliances to ensure that all your appliances are working properly.

Why PAT Testing is necessary?

Throughout Edinburgh and Scotland, it is a legal requirement for businesses and property landlords to ensure all portable electrical appliances are safe to use through annual PAT Testing from a certified PAT Testing company in Edinburgh. If you are a residential landlord or have a business property in Edinburgh, then you need to carry out PAT Testing in Edinburgh. All electrical appliances pose a hazard if not assessed correctly to ensure no faults are putting your family and staff at risk. In accordance with workplace safety legislation, business owners are responsible for maintaining safe electrical systems. With society becoming more and more dependent on electrical appliances, safety standards are expected to become tougher in order to prevent incidents of fire, damage and casualties. There’s a lot to protect in Edinburgh, especially your business.

Book your PAT Test in Edinburgh Today

At Edinburgh Letting Centre, we have a dedicated team of experienced and skilled PAT Testing experts. Which will conduct PAT testing for all the portable appliances and give you peace of mind on electrical safety with our competitive, accredited service. Our aim is to provide professional PAT Testing Certificates in Edinburgh and Lothians enabling our customers to fulfil their property health and safety obligations with as little disruption to their operation as possible.

Benefits of PAT Testing

  • PAT tests reduce the likelihood of an appliance catching fire
  • It ensures electrical appliances provided to tenants in rental property are safe
  • It reduces the chances of a fire in the workplace
  • Regular PAT tests can save you money in the long term
  • It keeps your insurance company happy